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Join us in our ultimate goal to foster the decrease of domestic violence and violence against children by coming together as a community to offer each other respite, re-education and resources to heal and strengthen our communities


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Slots4Tots Campaign by Kiddo Care LLC

“Our Mission is to foster the decrease of domestic violence and violence against children by coming together as a community to offer respite, re-education and resources to heal and strengthen our community.”


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Like so many others, our family was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in ways we hadn’t imagined. Like so many others, we were forced to watch the world around us shift and feel so helpless to be able to do anything about it. Like so many of you, we couldn’t just sit around we had to do something to help. Continuing to offer childcare through the pandemic was helpful but still limited due to the pandemic itself as well as some licensing procedures and qualification factors to receive care, leaves no room to service a family needing just a little respite care for relief on their day off. So, in 2022, Super-Duper Saturdays was born with the  help of Slots4Tots LLC.



Being a Licensed Expert in Early Childhood Education and Care, it has been extremely  painful to see and go through what our children and families are suffering through. We saw that  the suffering didn’t discriminate, everyone is feeling it and it has been traumatizing in one way  or another. 


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Domestic violence and violence against children increased at alarming numbers  according to reports from the United Nations and FBI statistics. Mass shootings and school  shootings have also been on the increase. 

Global health experts addressed the pandemic by issuing lockdowns to protect public  health. While done for good reason, we agree with Marianna Yang, Harvard Law School’s  WilmerHale Legal Services Center clinical instructor, on the position that there must be a focus  on the resources to address the collateral and unintended damage to our communities and  families. According to Yang during a recent interview with Liz Mineo of the Harvard Gazette (June 29, 2022 “Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence”), this crisis increased risk factors for  domestic violence in multiple ways. There were more financial stressors because of income loss, unemployment, along with the loss of having breathing space for people who are in risky relationships. 


The level of isolation from essential support systems, whether it be medical, educational (school, childcare) or personal isolation from family and friends increased. The combination of all those facets and in all those ways the risk goes up for violence. While we reach for the hope of signs that normal is returning going into the 2023 new year, the current stress of inflation threatens that hope. 

According to Yang, one of the best ways to legally support victims of domestic violence  is to offer “Trauma-Informed” lawyering to holistically support a client going through all these  difficulties. Our campaign offers a “Trauma-Informed” care approach to holistically support  families in need of respite care. 


Families will sign up for free to receive support from our dedicated team to service them on Saturdays in the following ways: 

Families will complete a short interactive video with the purpose to bring awareness to these issues and how it may impact them and the community. 

Families will receive resources for ways they can get support for themselves or anyone they know in need of support for domestic violence.

Families may receive other resources that may help based on their individual requests and needs. 

Families may sign their children up for FREE respite care and workshop on an available Saturday. This care will be coordinated by Kiddo Care LLC and our other partners and affiliates. Staff will have full background check and all the requirements met to offer a high-quality care experience families deserve. 

Children may be picked up and dropped off at designated times to and  from location at no additional cost to families. 

Children will attend a workshop at the designated location for care where  they will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of their role in our communities. They will learn ways to identify violence and ways to act appropriately in situations. They will be reassured that they are supported by family, community, police officers etc. and be strengthened to be a support to other children around them in various environments. 

(Home, School, online etc.) 

Children may have a meal while in attendance 

Children will end their super-duper Saturday workshop at one of our partnered locations ex: Chuck E Cheese, Sky Zone, Fun n Stuff, Local Museums, Local Zoo etc. (Location based on times, availability etc.) 

Everyone will have the opportunity to join our Dedicated sponsors, partners, and affiliates with the opportunity to support the community and our children through this campaign.  

Everyone will have access to our tangible results of confirmation that our families and children have learned extremely valuable information that has increased their level of awareness of this issue and has increased their knowledge, confidence, and ability to be able to identify and act appropriately to these instances of violence. Results will also include how valuable families feel the service is to them by noting exactly how the service has helped with decreasing their current level of stress for them and the children.


A parent being able to catch up on studying for college class or getting much needed rest uninterrupted while their child receives quality care, the opportunity to participate in an important extra-curricular activity while in a safe fun learning environment. Because we understand that for families that receive publicly funded childcare, they are not permitted to attend care during times like this and private clients just as well may not be able to afford or have the opportunity to schedule the additional nontraditional day and time of care they could greatly benefit from. 


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